Sunday, 6 July 2014

Yuck and yum

It's been a mixed bag the last few days. Some uplifting moments interspersed with some real discomfort both in running and my personal life.

Thursday brought a tough 8 miler on already tired legs. It probably should have been done at 9:30 pace but as I was running with someone else it ended up being 8-8:30 instead. Yay ego!  Anyway it was uncomfortable but good threshold training so I'll take it!

I took Friday off as I planned to do Naas Parkrun on Saturday morning. Arrived in plenty of time to warm up and was giving the girls there a hand assembling the tables when who arrives as a volunteer only the ex. Awkward!
So began my longest ever warmup for a 5k. Mentally I didn't really have my head in the game after that but finished in a respectable 23:50.  A good effort for a Saturday morning.

The emotional toll caught up with me a bit and I had to take a nap once I got home. Luckily the rest of the day and evening were taken up with a bbq at my friend T's house. It's a bit of a trek there so we stayed over. T has a teen boy close in age to my kiddos and there was another girl there too so they got on like a house on fire after the initial awkwardness. They raved about the night and their newfound friends on the drive home and nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids animated and positive like that. Does my heart good!

After the night of indulgence and little sleep I was sure today's 11 miler was going to be a disaster. Well that just goes to show you can't always tell with these things.

I enjoyed every mile of my run. I had allowed myself to do it as slow as I wanted but ended up nailing my 9:30 average pace with a massive negative split. I felt like I could have comfortably done 5-6 more today without it being a big issue. More of this please!

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