Tuesday, 8 July 2014

No unicorns. Out of rainbows and fairy dust.

Sometimes I allow myself to get upset about my slow progress with this whole running lark. There is always that temptation to compare myself with others and fall short.

Sometimes I'm ridiculously frustrated when I talk to people at races who train casually or very sporadically and who are so much faster than me. In that situation I tend to feel quite angry that they appear to be wasting god given talent. But then who am I to judge that? It's obviously just not a priority for them.

I'm aware that I don't have very much speed or natural running talent. My body type and weight are not ideally suited to running either. What I do have in enthusiasm, a strong work ethic and a stubborn streak.
So how far can you get with only those attributes? Hopefully an autumn full of PB's.

It may not feel like I'm getting anywhere right now but perhaps I just need to trust in my training and ignore these down days where I feel like I'm standing still?  These days have to happen too I suppose.


  1. There is no such thing as the person who trains casually, and if they tell you that they are lying. Yes there are people who running comes easier to but I guarantee they are doing other things as opposed to specifically training on running, like cycling or soccer or cross training. Don't pay them any heed, they've been around since the Leaving Cert :)

  2. Ha! You might be right there. I never did believe those study deniers!