Monday, 26 August 2013

Starting somewhere....even if badly

First post...Eeek!  Finding myself slightly intimidated by this utterly blank page so will fill with waffle to get rid of the air of brandnewishness(not a word most likely.)
So I've been running for a medium length of time, about two years and have until now done a fairly average amount of training per week for shorter or middle distance.....mostly 5 and 10k races.  I've never won anything or placed in my age-group and probably never will.  However, I have found myself moving up from the bottom 25% of many races to above the 50th percentile and I do consciously work on getting (a bit) faster.  So I repeat...I will almost certainly never win anything but I do want a way to document my running...from where I have come from to today and then hopefully to where I get to in the future.  Even if this just ends up being a place where I keep records of my races and pb's that nobody ever gets to read then maybe that will be a nice thing to look at down the road a bit.
Ideally it would be nice to bore someone else a bit with my microanalysis of training runs but lets see how it goes....god knows this might be it! Post grand total 1!
Oh also I've signed up for the Dublin Marathon which I'm in the middle of training for and it seems that running quite a bit is going to be all I'm doing for a while. Plus eating.  Lots and lots of eating.  Silver linings people :) follow us in feedly