Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Truckin' along

An uneventful 5 miler yesterday followed by 3 unscheduled miles with my son got the week off to a good start.  Week three of my plan is supposed to be a slight step-back week with the longest run being an 8 miler on Sunday. This suits me as I'm climbing Carrauntoohil this Saturday weather permitting and the legs will appreciate the lighter mileage.  I'm not sure if hiking gives any marathon specific benefits but it probably better than a weekend on the couch?  Or maybe not.  We will see I presume.

I got my bike back from the ex today so that's good.  If nothing else it will be another way to avoid strength training!  Although I did do about ten squats yesterday and some lunges.  Needless to say my thighs are aching today.

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