Saturday, 19 July 2014

Lady of the flies

The back end of this week has been a bit of a slogfest.  Thursdays tempo run was a partial disaster. The first 5 miles I hit my pace target or was under. This was probably a mistake as it was really hot and humid out there and I should have slowed down to compensate. At mile 6 I died. Or my legs did anyway. I came into this really sheltered valley area and was attacked by flies and slowed down to what felt like a walk. It was the closest I've felt to marathon death shuffle in a while so I'll call it really good training!

Flies were on the menu again quite literally today in the form of those little ones that keep flying into your mouth and eyes. It was really hot and humid out and I had to change my run route as I saw forked lightning right in front of me about 2 miles into my run.  The way I intended to go is really open and I would certainly have been the tallest thing out there so I decided to divert to somewhere a bit more populated.  
Some of the lightning must have hit a transformer or something as when I went to call into Tesco after I was done the doors were closed as they were running on the backup generator. There were still people in the shop and the tills were working so I managed to talk my way in as I was only grabbing one thing.  

I deserved every unpleasant moment of today's run. It should have been easy but a coffee with a friend yesterday turned into sharing 2.5 bottles of wine and sleeping on her couch. Sometimes catching up with a friend is more important than training.  I don't know if I can justify that much wine though! 

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