Sunday, 25 May 2014

Underwhelming performance

Back in Ireland as of today.  Didn't get to blog at all from Zimbabwe but that was due to lack of access to wifi or indeed any phone signal at all.  The lack of running was due to not having a death wish.  I managed one run and that was on a safari park and by far the safest place to run despite constantly having to make sure nothing was going to jump out of the long grass at me.  

Harare itself was out as there are no footpaths and all the drivers seem to be insane.  We then went to Chirundu on the Zambezi river and the only running you would do there was away from crocs so I gave up and stopped stressing about it.  

Despite these restrictions this was easily the best holiday of my life and I fell in love with Zimbabwe and more specifically the Zambezi river more than I thought possible.  

We arrived in Harare two weeks ago to perfect high 20's temperatures during the day and cooler nights.  It's winter there.  The first full day we had my cousins "kitchen tea" which is basically a hen night but usually starts earlier and is lulls you into a false sense of security as there is some actual tea and scones etc. See below!

However this later degenerates into a full on session except in someones back garden instead of a pub.  

The wedding itself took place at a safari lodge about 1.5 hrs north of Harare.  While there we were treated to a game drive where we saw zebra, impala, lions, warthogs.  The day of the wedding the bride was followed to the fig tree that the ceremony was held at by a family of three elephants.  It was magical.  

We returned to Harare the day after the wedding and spent two more days there preparing for a trip to the river.  At the time I wasn't too enamoured with this prospect as I reckoned there wasn't a chance in hell of getting me out on the water.  The six hour drive up to the border of Zimbabwe with Zambia didn't help my mood but as it turns out I was so enchanted by the place when I arrived that I was out on the boats or messing around on sandbanks from 7:30am to 5pm every day and would have been out longer only the sun sets so early!  It was the most beautiful and peaceful place and I had to be dragged home.  Also I want a boat.  Just a small one!

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