Monday, 12 May 2014

In flight blogging

I've been quiet on here recently. Part of the reason for that is I was coming up to my holidays and had a lot to do! As I type I'm on my way from Dublin to Harare via Amsterdam.  Exciting and a bit random right? Hope to record some sights and sounds of a country I know very little about right here for posterity.
At two weeks this will be the longest I've ever been away from my kiddos which is making me weepy even thinking about it. A bit embarrassing as I'm surrounded by strangers!  Note to self: middle seats suck.
The trip is for my cousins wedding so I'm not travelling alone and it couldn't be coming at a better time. I'm not as tied down in my home life or professional life just now so I can afford the time to do this.
On the other hand I'm probably financially more constrained than I ever have been but it's amazing what you can do if you just don't go into a shop that's not for groceries for six months and eat a lot of eggs, rice and beans!
Also running as much as I have been recently is virtually free, tends to take up a lot of time when I could be spending moola and makes me far too tired to go anywhere after 9pm.  Winner on all sides!
I have brought no less than 3 sets of gear with me so I have no excuse not to run.
Looks like temps are mid twenties so will probably be slow paces.
Also beer.  That's my other excuse. Additionally the bottle of Patron I bought in duty free.
Basically there is going to be running but I'm not promising anything under a ten minute mile! But pretty pics I hope at the very least.

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