Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Track! Kind of....

Finally got back to the track tonight.  Yay me!  I hadn't been purposely avoiding it but it's just the way things have fallen.  I was a bit under the weather about two weeks before the Limerick Half Marathon so just did laps that night.  The following week I did 7 miles easy instead as I didn't want to risk injury right before the HM but had itchy feet.  Then came the holidays.  And now no more excuses!

I was almost making an excuse for myself as I ran Monday and Tuesday and could have convinced my lazy self fairly easily to skip it.  I caught myself at it and got out the door quick!

Wasn't particularly feeling it so did a mile warm up and then 3 x 800m....will build back up to 5 x 800m and hopefully get up to regularly doing 10 x 400m when I've some more fitness back.  That's about it for today.

Oh except I was about to leave and got surprised by the coach with my AAI County silver medal! I had almost forgotten about it so it was nice, especially when I'm feeling so unfit right now.  Good motivation!

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