Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Back in action

I'm gradually easing myself back to reality after my amazing break.  I managed to drag my bloated and unfit body (plus my inflamed liver) around 8 miles yesterday and 4 today.  Yesterday was only alright and today was predictably a disaster but then it could have been worse and at least it's lovely and warm.  In fact I got sunburned on the roof of my apartment building today despite spending two weeks in Africa and catching only tan.  Something weird about Irish sunshine that I need to be filled in on?

Not back to work until tomorrow which has been lovely so I can spend some time with my kids and get some real life stuff done.  I'm trying to distract myself from the post holiday blues by planning lots of races, meet-ups with friends and activities with the kiddos once school is over.
Time is flying by so I might as well make the most of it and not hang about waiting for life to pass me by.

Despite being down about the long awaited holiday being over I'm so glad I went.  It was a great way for me to get back a bit more of myself after the knocks my confidence took in the last while.  Being around so many people all the time and not hating it was a revelation.

In addition there may or may not have been some eye candy around.  More than one in fact but one in particular that I took great pleasure in having an innocent flirtation with.  It may have been mostly one sided but who cares....I had fun and got to remember how nice it is to really fancy someone.  And someone who had my back at every turn is not the worst person to have a crush on.
I had honestly thought I might be going through an extremely early menopause as I've had no interest in looking at a guy ever since my break-up.  Well I did some looking this holiday!  I honestly think I checked out his arms and the way his hair curls on the back of his neck for a solid four of the five hour drive back to Harare from Chirundu.  Perhaps now my hormones have been reactivated I'll be more interested in going out more now and not come home at 10:30 like recently.

Back to the track tomorrow night which should be interesting.  I think a full week back should see me feeling back to normal.  Here's hoping anyway!

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