Wednesday, 23 April 2014


I have a cold.  Boo!  Well I have in fact had it since last Friday but been in denial.  This is quite self defeating in that I usually get over a sniffle like this quite quickly, but because I've been a stubborn ass and run Saturday, Sunday, Monday and today while feeling a bit shite then it's hung around a bit longer.
Just did slow laps at the track tonight instead of the pyramid session the others were doing.  Will run easy tomorrow and take Friday off.  If it's not gone by Friday I'm resting until it is.  It is now written on the internet so I must obey!  Not long now til Limerick HM so need to get myself in order to at least be at the start line in one piece.

An outsider reading this could conclude that I behave in this idiotic way because I'm not lazy.  In fact I think the reason I'm afraid to take an extra day off is because I'm so terrified of my own innate laziness that I don't trust myself to stop! This despite years of consistent exercise.  Maybe I need to work on that anxiety a bit?

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