Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Recovery run? Ha! Who needs 'em!

Me.  I need them!  Could have really done with an easy run on Monday after bargaining like mad with my body the day before to force it over the finish line.  I sort of feel like I shortchanged it with the last few days shenanigans.

I should have known when I heard a group from the club were meeting to run the new course of the planned Carers 10k on Monday evening that they weren't going to run it at 10min/mile pace.  Not going to happen!

I think a lot of the faster runners probably ran it in about 47 minutes while chatting and talking throughout. Meanwhile myself and T are at a similar level (depending on the day!) and dragged each other through for a 51 minute hilly 10k which I'm pretty sure is a couple of minutes under what my 10k PB was last year.  My legs feeling very heavy by the end.

Well at least tomorrow is a rest day I said to myself on Monday evening........

But then I woke up early and the sun was shining and the forecast was good for the rest of the day.  Plans to do a spring clean of the apartment were shelved and I decided to take advantage of the glorious weather and the kiddos Easter break.
Before they knew they were awake I had them in the car and off to Glendalough for a lovely three hour plus ramble.  Lets just say it was a bit hilly.

My eldest came home and proceeded to sleep for fourteen hours so it may have been a bit more physically arduous than I had planned for a rest day!

I sort of knew I had taken the piss out of my poor old legs by yesterday evening and tried to head the muscle aches off at the pass with lots of foam rolling and yoga.  This was moderately successful in that I could walk today.
Strictly speaking I should be at the track by now but I've taken an executive decision to skip this one.  In all fairness if I went tonight I would deserve to be out for a month injured!

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