Saturday, 19 April 2014

4am update

So it's 4 am and I can't get back to sleep just now.  Might as well summarise the rest of the weeks running! 

Thursday was yet another easy run fail courtesy of yours truly. I was chatting to A who is quite a bit faster than me and decided to head off with her. Over 9k later, most of it under 8 min/mile pace on the curraghs rolling hills, I was toast!

At least I know all the consistent training is starting to show in my pace at shorter distances. I have no idea how that will tell in Limerick a few weeks from now. Do I go with a pace group? If so which one? 

My training for this half has been really non specific.  My long run today was all over the place and my stomach was iffy so was glad just to get back. Hope that doesn't happen on the day!  Didn't fuel on the run so it wasn't anything I ate out there.

The weather was glorious here today so we decided to go for a "spin" in the car with my parents. Headed for Cong but took a scenic route to get there so we could take in more lake views. It was gorgeous and a great way to get the teens outside before they become shut ins!

Also had a very delicious baked berry cheesecake at The Hungry Monk café in Cong.  Yum!

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