Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Eureka moment with shoes

A few weeks ago I learned to tie my shoelaces. Well not exactly but I did learn to tie the laces on my runners properly so my foot is secure in the shoe and I don't get random blisters on the top of my toes (or not as many anyway)

For some reason I just hadn't really thought about how I tighten my laces and whether that would have an impact on how my shoes feel on my feet. I had noticed recently though that regardless of how comfortable shoes were on me I still seemed to get blisters. Not bad ones but blisters all the same.

As I was waiting for the fog to clear a couple of weekends ago...all dressed up with nowhere to go...I started to experiment with the tension in my laces. I like my toes to feel quite free so when I drew the laces tight on the front part of my shoe and continued that tension all the way up, I disliked how that felt on my toes, especially on the lateral aspect of my foot (little toe side in plain speak)
However when I released the tension there and tightened the upper parts of the laces in isolation that kind of held my foot away from the front of the shoe and allowed more room for the toes to expand. My heel felt more secure in the back of the shoe also and less likely to move.

So you see after three years of running I finally seem to have figured out how to put my shoes on properly. What can I say? I'm a slow learner!

Oh god...I bet everyone else in the whole world already does this and I've just outed myself. Nooooooo!!!

The left is tied correctly for me whereas the one on the right is wrong...ie the way I have been tying them forever! Dingbat

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