Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Got an unsolicited text message today advertising a singles mixer in a nearby town. I thought that was really not on! Firstly how did they get my phone number? Is it someone I know as a joke? Or worse.....the ex?

If it was an e-mail or some kind of facebook ad thing I'd be less freaked out as you almost expect this kind of rubbish online but it's not as if I've even tried to re-enter the dating pool so what the hell is this all about?? Or am I overreacting just a tad? Perhaps :)

8 mile tempo Monday felt strong. 5 miles easy today did not....but not overly worried about that the day after a hard session. It's a step back week this week so track tomorrow is my last really hard workout of the week with just a 9 mile marathon pace run Saturday and 12 miles easy on Sunday. In fact the hardest part about Sunday is going to be entertaining my friends adorable but energetic twins while she cruises through the Jog for Jockeys 10k in well under 40 minutes!

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