Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Another first

Not that long ago I had my first ever DNF(did not finish.)  Yesterday was my first DNS(did not start.)

I hadn't really thought about doing the Flora Women's Mini Marathon until a friend contacted me a few days after the closing date to say they were reopening registration briefly and would I think about entering?  I thought "Why the hell not!" and duly entered.

Entry was a reasonable 19 euro and I figured I wouldn't be doing anything else that weekend.  For some reason though I never really got that enthusiastic about it.   Probably a combination of the logistics and the 10k distance.  If I'm doing a 10k I sort of want to turn up, warm up and do the thing as quickly as possible. I could imaging entering a half marathon or marathon for the spectacle, city, scenery etc but not a 10k.  It's just not long enough to be worth the hassle.

After Sundays 5k pb recapped here I had absolutely no notion of running a fast 10k.  I didn't even know anyone who I could have jogged it with so it seemed a bit silly to go to all that hassle so I didn't bother.  As it happens I'm glad I didn't as I went for a very slow 8 miler on the Curragh and my legs were like lead for the first 5 miles.  In fact I stopped three times in the first 2 miles which is really not like me but the outsides of my calves were burning despite doing a good warm up and going very slowly.  Anyway I'm sure it was good training to run on tired legs but it wasn't pleasant at all and I'm glad I was on my own and was able to stop and try to stretch the cramps out without too many people around.  I probably looking a bit nuts to the dog walkers.  My legs finally starting feeling capable of more than a shuffle after mile 6.  Also I saw puppies at this point so all was well in the world.

Today I rested from running and did some strength and stretching.  A good start to June so far!  Tomorrow evening at 7pm is our club 4 mile handicap.  More racing!

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