Sunday, 15 June 2014

A niggle and some enforced rest

So it was all going a bit too smoothly obviously!
After my easy miles Tuesday I hit the track on Wednesday for a hot, sweaty pyramid interval session. I'm glad to say I completed the whole thing which is not always the case. Felt good after it too... No issues.
I should have run easy Thursday and warmed up properly but due to leaving my wallet at work and not realising this until I should have been doing my warm up myrtls I ended up arriving just as the group was about to set off. My calf felt uncomfortable from a mile in and we were running much faster than i was comfortable at. Did I complain or slow down?  Nooo!  I just let my ego take over and kept on running.
On Friday my calf was painful at rest but by yesterday it was only uncomfortable if I tried to run. I had been registered for a local charity 10k "The Run for Ollie" and didn't want to miss it as it's a lovely day.
So I walked it and it was absolutely the right decision.
I feel much better today and will try some easy miles on Tuesday (I'm all over the country by car over the next couple of days so Tuesday may be the first chance I get!)
Maybe the enforced rest will do me good before marathon training starts on June 24th!!

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