Saturday, 8 March 2014

Sick. Boo!!

It all started with a headache and weird visual disturbances in my right eye at work yesterday around lunchtime.  Of course I blamed this on stress and waited for it to pass.  Yeah, no!

Starting having the shakes on the way home despite wearing lots of layers and the heat blasting in the car.  Three attempts at the code got me into my apartment building, and for the first time without multiple shopping bags I used the lift.

Had a little cry while I fumbled with my door keys and stumbled in, scaring my children with my grey visage and chattering teeth.  Poor things!

So I haven't really moved from my bed since then except for inevitable bathroom trips.  My clothes are still on the floor from yesterday. 
This is all utterly out of character.  I like my bed fine but in not someone who hangs out here a lot.  Love my early mornings too much!  And usually I would make some attempt at cleaning.....but I just can't.  Don't have it in me.

So I'm chilling in my bed, trying to find a comfy position (everything hurts) and feeling very sorry for myself.  Luckily I have the best teenagers in the world getting my water, lemsip and anything else I desire!

One thing I'm not worried about is running.  It's utterly unthinkable for me to go to the shops in the car even so going for a run is not an option. 

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