Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Of course!

Well what exactly did I expect from Sunday?  A triumphant return to running in front of the local crowd?  Maybe.
A new PB?  Hopefully.
A respectable finish time?  At worst!

How about my very first DNF?  Yup!  I had to drop out after three horrible kilometers and get a lift back with one of the guys at the nearest water station.  Morto!

The bit of the race I did  I can only describe as like trying to run wearing glasses that are several notches away from your prescription on tiny stilts elevated off the ground.  Not my finest moment.

Anyway I think I might have learned my lesson.  My priority this week has been to regain some kind of appetite and get through my workday and daily chores without feeling like I've been run over by a truck.

Once I feel like I've conquered that I'll get back to running.  Hopefully that will begin tomorrow as it's Thursday and that's my favourite night to run easy and catch up with other club members.  I have been trying to do seven miles on a Monday and Thursday night up until this but I think I'll take that back to about three or four tomorrow if I end up going.  Same Friday if I feel up to it and then Saturday is hill walking in Glendalough with some girls from work.  Looking forward to that one! Then if all is well I'll do something a bit longer on Sunday.  Here's hoping!

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