Sunday, 8 September 2013

(Short) race day

So this second post took me a little longer than expected. Luckily lack of writing hasn't meant lack of training.... Plenty of running going on!

I've done two 30k long runs now so happy with that. The first I thoroughly enjoyed, probably due to the novelty of it. The second was harder although it was a couple of days after a wedding so it may have been partially dehydration and alcohol.
Anyway they are done and both in negative splits so that was good.

So back to today. Doing a local charity 10k so will do a few k as a warm up and then something similar after to turn it into a decent distance tempo run. Looking forward to it mostly but a little bit nervous as I'm hoping to pb by quite a bit. Always a bit more pressure over a familiar distance as you know what kind of time you should be doing.

The next few races I'm signed up for are all longer odd distances so not so much pressure and also makes it easy to get the long run in!

Fingers crossed for today and I'll update later. Must also put up my pb's over common distances so I can keep a record of improvements (if any.)

New pb over 10k. No official chip time up yet but looks like around 49 mins. Yay!  Been trying to get under 50 for a year so delighted with that.

Update on the update
48.57!!! Yay!!!

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