Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Long run 3

The third of my long runs done today.... Yay!  Happy with that as my legs were still a bit tired after Sunday's effort.
As usual for me the first 5k sucked quite a bit.  This was not helped by realising I needed to pee just after I left.
Added to that I had decided to try a new route that seemed to go past loads of private homes but no handy little fields for me to jump into for a tinkle. Boo :( 
Found a quiet field in the end after about 7k to my relief and my legs had warmed up at that stage so it was all fairly easy (for a 30k run) after that.
Feeling ok this evening so maybe that means I'm getting used to the distance?  Major sweet tooth though, would give given my right arm for a giant galaxy bar this evening!
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