Friday, 29 November 2013

Obviously rubbish at this blog business

So here I go again after another massive gap.  How many posts is that in total? 5? Over 3 months?  Big medal for me I think! I did Dublin Marathon.  Missed my time goal by 9 minutes but in the end I really wasn't bothered....just wanted to finish.  Is it a cliche to say it was one of the hardest things I've ever done?  Well it was.  So tough that for days afterwards if I started thinking about it or if the subject came up with someone or over the radio I would find myself welling up.  I realise that this makes it sound emotional in a quite sentimental way but it wasn't like that at all.  I've probably only faced myself warts and all in the way I did over those last few miles of those 26.2 twice before in my life and both were during childbirth.  Similarly to labour I had no interest in ever doing it again right after but starting considering it again the next day.....the mind is a really funny thing.
Wonder if it's easier the second time around?  Anyway it won't be for a while...possibly not even next year, we will see!  Maybe I should do a race report while I still remember it so I can compare to next time?

I felt like I recovered quite well from the major problems.  Did a half last weekend to round out the season while I still had the miles in my legs.  Didn't love it as lots of it was on a beach and I now know that I hate to run on sand.  Time was ok - 1:51:44.

So what's next?

Cross country season!  Have been training with the local athletics club for the last few weeks and I think the coach likes to throw everyone in at the deep end so I'm showing up a 4k ladies race on Sunday morning.  Nobody is making me but I would never have volunteered myself so I guess I should be grateful as I'd never ever have even though to enter.  Please please please don't let me come last!  That's all I ask. 

Everyone at the club seems to be really nice and friendly so hopefully this will all be positive.  Keep me on the straight and narrow just a little bit longer before I let loose for the Christmas!   

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